2024 Supported Charities

🌟 Supporting Our Heroes 🌟

The heart of the Red Kite Ride beats strong with generosity, having propelled a whopping £14,000 into the hands of our cherished charities last year, alongside a generous £1,700 boost to the Marlow Sports Club. 🚴‍♂️💰

📸 Spotlight Moment: At the heart of our efforts, a moment captured with Thames Valley Air Ambulance’s heroes, as they graciously welcomed us to marvel at their new Critical Care fleet.  🚑❤️


2024 Charities – Our Champions for Change


Younger People with Dementia (YPWD) offers specialised support to individuals affected by young onset dementia, those who are diagnosed before the age of 65. The charity provides a lifeline through various services including Admiral Nurses, carer support groups, education and training, one-to-one support, and workshops. They aim to improve the quality of life for younger people with dementia and their families, addressing the unique challenges they face due to the early onset of the condition. Through fundraising, volunteering, and corporate support, YPWD continues to build awareness and offer vital resources to those in need, emphasising community involvement and advocacy to drive its mission forward.

Prostate Cancer UK stands as the nation’s leading charity dedicated to tackling prostate cancer and related prostate diseases. The charity has set ambitious goals to halt prostate cancer from being a fatal disease. It is deeply committed to funding groundbreaking research, driving advancements in treatment, and addressing disparities in care. By investing heavily in research, Prostate Cancer UK is on the forefront of developing scanning technologies and precision medicines, which are instrumental in diagnosing prostate cancer early enough for a cure and providing tailored treatments for patients. The charity channels its resources into raising awareness, supporting men living with prostate cancer, and campaigning for better healthcare policies. It emphasises personalised support for patients, offering help with issues ranging from mental health to sexual health, ensuring that every individual’s journey with prostate cancer is expert-informed The introduction of mpMRI scanning technology across UK hospitals, a result of the charity’s advocacy, now aids in avoiding unnecessary biopsies, improving the testing process for prostate cancer, and paving the way towards a UK-wide screening programme. Prostate Cancer UK has launched several campaigns addressing the pandemic’s impact on prostate cancer diagnoses and the disparities in diagnosis rates across the UK.

We are Buckinghamshire Mind, your local mental health charity. Our vision is that everyone with a mental health problem gets support and respect. We deliver services in our local communities, in Buckinghamshire and East Berkshire. We promote wellbeing and recovery; we prevent mental ill-health; we offer talking therapies and we provide support in times of crisis.

Buckinghamshire Mind is run by local people for local people and is responsible for its own funding and the services it provides. Therefore, we rely on donations and community fundraising, which underpin all our vital mental health services. This support makes an incredible difference, ensuring we can be here to support our community’s mental health needs now and in the future.

We stand up for mental health. Our services change lives. For support. For respect. For you.

We believe that every homeless individual in High Wycombe has worth and should have the chance of a fresh start, no matter what their situation.

At Wycombe Homeless Connection, we help homeless people rebuild their lives. We assist them to climb out of the homelessness trap and take their place back in the community.

You could say we fight injustice. Or you could say we help individuals overcome the housing shortage, the unintended consequences of government policies, unwise life choices, poverty, poor health, bad upbringing, complex bureaucracy … it’s quite a list.

Either way: with the help of a small, dedicated staff and an army of local volunteers, we help homeless people overcome the obstacles they face in finding or keeping accommodation and achieving stability.